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A. These are false doors and cannot be opened at all.

B. The Star of the West is in the Zombie's hand.

C. This is a special falling block trap that will collapse automatically after the last Hero passes by it. It will not be sprung by the Heroes as they move onto the square. After it falls, it will forever block that path back to the stairs.

D. This is the tomb of the Witch Lord. The Witch Lord will be released form his imprisonment when the first Hero enters the room. Use the Chaos Warlock figure to represent the Witch Lord on the board. Read the text that follows to the players. "You have broken the magic seal that kept the Witch Lord imprisoned. Now he has awoken and you must run. Only the Spirit Blade can harm him."

E. The first Hero to search for treasure will find a magical staff hidden behind the bookcase. It is the artifact known as the Wizard's Staff. Its use is described on the matching Artifcat Card.

THE WITCH LORD: The Witch Lord is not affected by any weapon or spell. Only the Spirit Blade can harm him. The Heroes must try to recover the Spirit Blade in the NEXT Quest. The Witch Lord moves 1 space per turn and rolls 2 combat dice when attacking. He also knows the following spells: Summon Undead, Fear, Command, and Ball of Flame. (Refer to the Chaos Spell Cards for details.)

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