This guide describes how players know if they have sprung a trap and how dungeon creators can implement traps in their quests.

For players Edit

At the beginning of a quest all traps are unrevealed and not displayed on maps.

To search for traps in a room or corridor click on the "Search for traps" link. The text on the next page will tell you if you have found any or not.

If you do not search for traps, you may spring a trap while searching for treasure. If you do so you will be notified on the treasure page.

For creators Edit

Displaying traps Edit

There are four possible states of a trap:

  1. Unrevealed and armed
  2. Revealed and armed
  3. Revealed and disarmed or
  4. Sprung

At the beginning of a quest all traps should be unrevealed and not displayed on maps. If a hero searches for traps, the traps in that room or corridor are revealed and it is displayed on the quest map, but it is still armed. Once the hero reveals the trap, they can attempt to disarm it. If they succeed the trap is no longer displayed on the map. If the hero fails, the trap may or may not still be displayed on the map depending on the type of trap.

You will need to create a room page for the unrevealed and the revealed states.

Sprung traps Edit

If the heroes searches for traps, a creators job is easy, simply redisplay the room but with the traps revealed. But what happens when a hero doesn't search for traps?

There are two ways a hero can spring a trap:

  1. Search for treasure before searching for traps
  2. Step on a square that has an armed trap

Again, if a hero searches for treasure, a creators job is easy, they inform the hero they have sprung a trap as well as or instead of finding treasure.

So how does a hero know they stepped on an armed trap?

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