When creating a quest, each room should have a "Search for treasure" link. (Quest designers can use the {{Room actions}} template, which also includes links to search for secret doors and traps.) There are three outcomes to a search for treasure: the hero finds a special treasure, the hero finds a random treasure or the hero springs a trap.

Heroes cannot search for treasure in corridors. You can direct them to No treasure to remind them.

Random treasure Edit

If there is no special treasure in the room, simply redirect heroes to Treasure, with #REDIRECT [[Treasure]]. No additional steps are required.

If you would like to change the treasure cards that appear randomly, there are two steps to to do so. First, create the page your quest will use instead of Treasure to generate random treasure for players. Second, create subpages of your "Treasure" page for the new treasure cards.

Your treasure page Edit

See also: Template:Random subpage/doc

Your treasure page requires one of the following examples of code.

{{Random subpage}}
{{Random subpage|page=<page name>|start=<number>|end=<number>|seed=<number>}}
{{Random subpage|<page name>|<number>|<number>|<number>}}

This template transcludes a numbered sub-page that is randomly selected between the "start"-numbered sub-page and the "end"-numbered sub-page as follows:

{{<page name>/<randomly selected number between "start" and "end">}}
Link to this page from quest rooms and special treasure pages.

Treasure subpages Edit

See also: Loretome:Original treasure cards

A treasure subpage can describe a completely new treasure or can be redirected to one of the originals found at Loretome:Original treasure cards. The treasure subpages should be numbered from 1 to "end" corresponding to {{Random subpage}} on the base page.

Special treasure Edit

To indicate that the hero has found a special treasure, create a page that describes that treasure and any instructions for the player. Since only one hero per quest can find the special treasure, direct additional heroes who search for treasure to the random treasure page.

Example of special treasure page
You search for treasure and find:

84 gold coins in the treasure chest.

You search for treasure and find:


If you have already found this treasure continue to Treasure.

A trap is sprung Edit

Main article: Guide:Traps

If a trap is found and not disarmed when searching for treasure, notify the hero of the damage and then describe any special treasure found or direct them to Treasure.

Example of treasure page with a trap
You search for treasure and find:

The chest is trapped!

If you did not disarm the trap before searching for treasure, your Hero loses one Body Point.

The treasure chest is empty.

You search for treasure and find:


If you have already found this treasure continue to Treasure.

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